Ir. Farid Triawan, D. Eng.

Currently, Farid is the Head of Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Sampoerna University, Indonesia. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia, in 2005, then Master’s and Doctoral degrees from Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), Japan, in 2009 and 2012, respectively. After earning the doctoral degree, he moved to Osaka and worked for 3.5 years in a Japanese heavy industry company as a research engineer. In 2015, he joined back Tokyo Tech as a full-time lecturer (Specially-appointed Associate Professor). Since April 2018 till present, he serves Tokyo Tech as a Visiting Associate Professor. His fields of interest are Mechanics of Materials, Damage Mechanics, Mechanical Product Design, and Engineering Education.

Kushendarsyah Saptaji, Ph.D., Ceng MImechE, IPP

Kushendarsyah Saptaji is dedicated and focused Mechanical Engineering Lecturer. He obtained his B. Eng. in Metallurgy Engineering from the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) in 2000 with cum laude predicate. He received the ASEAN Graduate scholarship in 2006 to pursue his M.Sc. degree at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore with a major in Mechanics and Processes of Materials. He finished his PhD from the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering NTU in 2012.
His specialization and expertise are in conventional and advanced machining, micro-machining, engineering design, finite element analysis, failure analysis, physical metallurgy, traditional and advanced ceramics. Kush has extensive experience in teaching and learning engineering courses such as Manufacturing Process, Computer Aided Engineering Design (CAED), Engineering Statics, Dynamics and Heat Transfer. He was a Research Fellow in NTU from 2012 until 2015 and Senior Lecturer in Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia from 2015 until 2019.

Ir. Djati Wibowo, Ph.D. 

Djati is our creative and energetic Mechanical Engineering Lecturer. In our department, he currently teaches Control System Design, Mechanical Vibrations, Planar Multi-body Dynamics and Applications, Instrumentation Laboratory, and Senior Mechanical Laboratory courses.
He obtained his PhD degree, specializing in control system theory, from National University of Singapore in 2020. Prior joining our department, Djati had worked as researcher,  university lecturer, mechanical design engineer, and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) consultant. His research interests are vehicle dynamics and control, vibration control, distributed control of multi-agent systems, and robust control of uncertain systems.

Budi Hadisujoto, Ph.D.

Budi is currently the Head of Mechatronics Laboratory, in Mechanical Engineering Department at Sampoerna University. He received his doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering Program from The University of Texas at Austin, USA, in 2013. He has experiences in research and industry in the areas of materials, semiconductor, renewable energy, and automation and robotics. The fields of his interest include Dynamics System and Control, Mechatronics, Automation and Robotics, as well as Renewable Solar Energy.  

Iwan Setiawan, Ph.D. 

Iwan is currently Head of the Centre of Research and Community Service of Sampoerna University. He graduated with a doctoral degree in analytical chemistry from Michigan State University in 2014. His graduate research topic was biological membrane property characterization with laser spectroscopy. Upon return to Indonesia, He also interests in palm oil, hydrophobic coating materials, and graphene research.

Anak Agung Ngurah Perwira Redi, Ph.D., CSCA

Dr. Redi is a Lecturer in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Sampoerna University, where he specializes in logistics, manufacturing, and supply chain management. Dr. Redi's research interests specifically focus on developing optimization algorithms for use in solving logistics, manufacturing, and supply chain problems within this context. He received his PhD in Industrial Management from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology in 2017. Dr. Redi is previously worked as a research fellow at Monash University in Australia. 

Aditiya Harjon, M.Phil 

Adit received master’s degree (Master of Philosophy) from The University of Melbourne, Australia, in 2018, with research focus on direct injection LPG spray characteristics and spray image processing. He received bachelor’s degree (B.Eng (Hons.)) from Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia, in 2014, with research topic on second generation bioethanol production.
He joined Sampoerna University in Feb 2018 as mechanical engineering lecturer, and was appointed as the Head of Mechanical and Integrated Manufacturing Lab (MIML) in the same year. With the team, Adit manages Urban Vehicle project.
Adit has strong passion in research under topic of renewable and alternative energy. He was a research assistant at Universiti Tenaga Nasional and University of Malaya, in 2014-2015. At Sampoerna University, he established Biofuel Center, a research center with main element of biofuel, renewable energy, thermodynamics, and energy system.

Ifat Syamsudin, ST

Ifat received bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Tadulako University, Palu, in 2015. During his study, Ifat was involved actively in Lomba Kontes Robot Indonesia (KRI) in 2012 and Indonesia Energy Marathon Challenge (IEMC) in 2013.
Ifat was an experienced engineer, in January 2016 he joined PT. Pusaka Jaya International (PJI) in Electrical Maintenance Department. In August 2016, he then joined PT. Pusaka Jaya Palu Power (PJPP) as vapor turbine and generator operator.
Ifat then joined Sampoerna University in March 2018 as lab engineer in Mechanical and Integrated Manufacturing Lab (MIML) of Faculty of Engineering and Technology. He manages and is the coordinator of the Integrated Manufacturing Lab. Along with the MIML team, Ifat is currently handling Urban Vehicle project.

Indra Pertama Putra, ST 

Indra Pertama Putra received bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Tadulako University, Palu, Indonesia in 2016. During his study, he completed his industrial training program as turbine engineer at a power plant company, Poso. He then joined a vapor-powered electricity generation company, PT. Pusaka Jaya Palu Power (PJPP) as vapor turbine and generator operator.
In December 2017, Indra joined Sampoerna University as mechanical lab engineer in Mechanical and Integrated Manufacturing Lab (MIML) of Faculty of Engineering and Technology. He manages and handles the facilities for material selection lab, fluids lab, measurements lab, thermodynamics lab, and machine design lab. With the MIML team, he is currently working on Urban Vehicle project.


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